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Take advantage of our powerful servers, methods, and custom control panel built from the ground up with a modern and easy to use interface.

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Features and functionality unique
from our competitors

Intuitive Control Panel

No longer is sending stress tests a difficult or slow process. Our panel uses fast technologies behind a modern design.

Attack Scheduling

Schedule attacks to be sent in the future at a specific time and date using our schedule attack feature with any plan.

API / VIP Access

Use our well documented API to send attacks from your own application and take advantage of our VIP methods, hitting hard!

Friend System

Send and receive friend requests to others who use our platform and have the ability to gift them with credits.

Package Addons

Need more power, concurrents, time, etc? We offer addons which allow you to add more to your current package.

Great Support

We have knowledged, skilled, fast, and kind support always happy to answer tickets which are easy to submit!

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Feature Highlights

Attack Scheduling

Schedule attacks to be automatically sent in the future. You can set the time and date for our system to automatically send it when you decide.

You can schedule attacks as long as you're paying for a plan on your account.

IP Logger and Tools

Get all the information you need on IP addresses and keep your own log with custom notes using our IP tools and logger feature which are always accessible to you.

You can access the IP Tools and IP Logger for free as long as you're paying for a plan on your account.

Referral System

Refer friends and get points for their sign ups and first purchase. You can redeem these points for actual account credit to renew and pay for services on your account.

Your account is assigned a custom link with ID and you can refer as many people as you'd like.

Easy Ticketing

Need help? At any time, you can submit a ticket in our easy to use support area. Our staff and admins will respond promptly with the information you need to assist you.

Staff and admins work around the clock to provide fast and quality responses to your inquiries.

Affordable pricing & quality services

All packages are automatically added to your account upon
successful purchase, without any staff intervention.